[Kalzium] GSoC project.

Carsten Niehaus cniehaus at gmx.de
Mon Mar 30 23:03:54 CEST 2009

Moin moin

> This is a great possibility to integrate Strigi with Kalzium. Although
> strigi-chemical demands a separate search/query frontend ideally, having
> a simple client embedded in Kalzium might be the best start.
> Apekshit, are you planning to submit all three proposals? You have
> marked them all as "(major)", so it's quite hard to see which one you'd
> prefer most.
> I've been a GSoC 2007 student working on strigi-chemical metadata
> extraction. Current status is that you can perform searches based on
> these chemical metadata, but we lack a frontend. Whether or not this
> should be part of Kalzium is up to Carsten,

While I think that Kalzium is not the ideal place for this it is a good 
starting point. Why not host the code inside Kalzium and implementing it 
as a QWidget which is loaded from inside Kalzium. Later on we could then 
reuse that code in apps like Avogadro or Plasma-applet.

> but I assure that making a
> GUI to search for chemical compounds on you harddrive (which have
> already been indexed and are there in the strigi database) is an
> exciting and rewarding project. This will also revive strigi-chemical,
> as it is hardly used by anyone by this time, mainly due to the missing
> GUI.

Full Ack. And an important one!


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