[Kalzium] Periodic valueas

Carsten Niehaus cniehaus at gmx.de
Sun Nov 5 10:58:14 CET 2006

Hey Daniel

Sorry for the late reply!

> I've done that. I wrote with my brother a piece of chemistry values.
> Sorry , if you will not understand, but I've done it as good as I can.
> Ask me if you had any questions.

That work is amazing. If you want to see this in Kalzium of KDE4 I have a 
couple of suggestions as I am short in time.

Could you please create one file per property in such a layout:

#Description:	This file contains the value of PROPERTY for all chemical 
#Units: 		kJ/mol
#Source: 	Value taken from NAME OF THE BOOK
#Number of the Element		Propertyvalue
1	2134
2	5676
3	234234	
4 	214
5	3465

So for your 7 properties (I think it was seven) you would create 7 files, each 
with a short description and the source were you took the values from.
The data itself is just a simple column of numbers as the second column, the 
first column is just the number of the element (H: 1, He: 2, Fe: 26...).
You could do this by exporting the values from OOCalc to csv (comma seperated 
values) and then do some scriptmagic or copy and paste.

If this is to much for you I could also do the work, but not now, perhaps in a 
couple of weeks. But for that I would need all the sources where you took the 
data from.

  Carsten Niehaus
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