SoK: Statistics and Achievements

Felix Rohrbach fxrh at
Sun May 1 18:43:04 CEST 2011


As you maybe already have read in the IRC channel, I will work on statistics 
and acheivements for Gluon as part of the Season of KDE.

First, let me introduce myself: I'm Felix Rohrbach, 19 years old and from 
Germany. I still go to school, but it will end in one month. After that, I'm 
planning to study Mathematics or Computer Science, but before I have some free 
months which I will use to work on gluon.

My project should add an easy way for developers to create statistics/scores. 
These scores can then be used to define achievements, which will be shown to 
the user and, as soon as libattica supports it, uploaded to OCS sites.

My current rough plan is to define scores and achievements with the gluon 
definition language. They will appear in the project widget like materials.

There will be a component which can access a score via scripting. Maybe I can 
also add some common used statistics as components, like for example a 
component which will increase the score if the object is on a certain 

Scores will save the the statistics over game sessions. There will be several 
options for scores, for example the possiblity to have some "current score" 
which the components work with. If this current score is higher than the score 
value, it will be used as score value. I could also add the option to save a 
score date as well as the option to save multiple scores (like a highscore 
where you can have several entries per user).

By default, only the highscore will be visible to the user. Achievements are 
used to present this data to the user. They are based on scores, i.e. you 
define an achievement like "score A needs to have at least value B to get this 
achievement". I don't have any specific plans how to show these achievements to 
the user yet, but I guess there is still much time until I will start working 
on this part of my project, so I have much time to think about it :-)

As I said, these plans are still very rough as I didn't have a closer look on 
the structure of the gluon source code, so these plans will change. But due to 
exams there is still one month until I can really start working on Gluon and I 
didn't want to let you wait this long :-)

I'm glad I can work on this project. Thanks again to my mentor, Dan Leinir, 
and good luck to all other GSoC and Sok students!


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