Replacing the animal photos in the ‘erase’ activities

Karl Ove Hufthammer karl at
Sun Feb 20 14:21:57 GMT 2022


I have some comments and questions about the animal photos in the 
‘erase’ activity.

While they might have been OK in the 800 × 600 era, IMHO they don’t look 
good on modern hardware (high screen resolutions and large monitors). 
They are all in low resolution (800 × 520) and look bad when scaled to 
fullscreen. In addition, several were blurry to begin with, and some of 
them have been stretched so that they don’t even have the original 
aspect ratio.

Would you mind if I replaced them with some new/better ones?

I’m thinking of looking for some nice ones (either beautiful, cute or 
funny), preferably with shallow depth of field (blurry background). And 
then cropping and resizing them to 1920 × 1080. This is a very common 
resolution and aspect ratio, and the resolution is high enough that the 
images should look good even when resized to higher resolutions (e.g., 4k).


And which licenses are acceptable?

Karl Ove Hufthammer

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