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We have entered the string freeze for GCompris 1.0!
Please get your translations ready before November 15th 12:00 CET.
We plan to do the release on November 17th.

For the changelog:
* the main part is the addition of the Activity Settings menu with Dataset
selection for a lot of activities, allowing to choose more specifically
what we can be learned on the activities
* new activities:
   - Digital electricity was one the last important activities from the old
version that is finally ported to the new version.
   - Learn digits and two subactivities to learn additions and
subtractions. The aim is to teach these concepts to younger children, with
easy computations.
   - Baby keyboard where, when a character is typed on the keyboard, we
display it on the screen and play the corresponding voice if it exists.
   - Gravity, which replaces the old "Intro Gravity", explains better the
concept and is more realistic.

    * A lot of usability improvements, fixes and graphic updates.

There have been a lot of corrections/new strings, this is why the string
freeze period is long this time.

You can find the files to translate at:
Apart from the main file
(, it
would be great to have translations for those two files:

We also updated 1 string in the lang file:
The orange color was sometimes mistranslated with "orange color" instead of
"orange" only.

The documentation also has been updated:

and if you have more time, check the translation of the website:

Also, if you would like to record missing voices for your language, this is
a good time to do it.

You can test the beta with this package (GNU/Linux 64bit only):

md5sum to check the integrity of your downloaded file:

Thank you!

Timothée & Johnny
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