Don't see new release today, maybe now is one more chance to send improved translation? ;)

Timothée Giet animtim at
Thu Nov 19 08:17:51 GMT 2020

Le 19/11/2020 à 09:07, Mantas Kriaučiūnas Baltix a écrit :
> Hey,
> I don't see new release today, maybe today is another chance to send
> improved LT translation? ;)
> I could increase Lithuanian up to 90% today ;)
> Please tell me if there are some chances to include updated
> translation into 1.0 and how many hours I have today.
> Mantas Kriaučiūnas

The release is actually all ready, it's going to be announced this morning.

By the way, you can still continue to finish the translation when you
have time, and it will be included in the next minor release.



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