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chris at ccburton.com chris at ccburton.com
Wed Oct 27 08:47:38 UTC 2010

"Mark Moore" <mark.moore at notlimited.com> wrote on 27/10/2010 08:19:55:

> I have looked at the BerliOS FreeNX project page[1], but the 
> activity seems to be non-existent.  Only 3 bugs fixed in the last 6 
> months and the last release of the server is in 2008?!?
> Is there a more active development site?

The ubuntu people fix things every so often, so you can use their stuff.

I use OpenSuse mainly, who don't bother, but I've fixed windows printing
etc for myself.

Nomachine have released several versions of the NX libraries since then
so you can install those if you distro supports them of compile yourself 
if they don't.

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