[FreeNX-kNX] Manually setting up a FreeNX connection

Joshua Kinard joshua.kinard at sdc-world.com
Tue Jun 23 20:19:12 UTC 2009

Hey all,

Is there any tips, tricks, or rough outlines on how to manually invoke the various components of the FreeNX package to manually setup and launch an NX session?  I.e., something that I can script?  My primary need is because I need pure passwordless login via a public key stored on a user's smartcard.  I've got things setup such that I can start my ssh-agent and cache my public key from the card in, then run nxssh with normal OpenSSH args (-A -X, etc..) and it forwards things properly.  But then I'm sitting at a shell on the server-side, not quite sure how to procede next.

I suspect it involves running 'xauth list' and caching the MIT magic cookie, then somehow invoking nxnode with the long list of parameters to 'startsession' so that it sets up a new session.  Then, I think, on the server (or is it the client?), I have to run nxproxy with another batch of information, created from some output that nxnode is supposed to return, so that it actually starts the X session.

That's what I can tell so far, but Google isn't being very helpful, mostly returning articles on manual installations of FreeNX and all.  So far, I've got two different explanations of the server-side protocol that make sense (and read a lot like an FTP server), but I want to skip using password-based login, which both protocol documents suggest is the only option.  But that's usually just when talking to the nxserver.  I'm assuming nxserver, once it makes sure you are who you say you are, is handily taking care of the other bits of the session setup before somehow handing back off to whatever client is on the client system.  That's what I think I need to emulate, somehow.

Anyways, thoughts, suggestions, etc., welcome.


Joshua Kinard
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