[FreeNX-kNX] Shadow does not work inside nxagent, and keyboard does not work

Mario Becroft mb at gem.win.co.nz
Sun Jan 25 10:01:07 UTC 2009

I have two problems with session shadowing using freenx and nx 3.3.0.

1. Shadowing works when I run nxclient on the Xorg server on my laptop,
but when I run it on an nxagent display, a window opens to show the
shadowed session, but it contains only black pixels. Clicking the mouse
inside the window controls the session as expected. Only you can't see

2. Even when I run nxclient on my laptop, so that the display and the
mouse work fine, the keyboard does not work. More specifically, the caps
lock key works, but all other keys have no effect.

In all cases the original session being shadows continues to work

Are these known problems? Any suggestions?

Mario Becroft <mb at gem.win.co.nz>

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