[FreeNX-kNX] webcompanion and fonts

Matthew Nicholson nicholson at eps.harvard.edu
Wed Feb 11 20:26:29 UTC 2009

Hello again.

So, one thing We've struggled with is font issues, particularly with
Mathematica, which provides its own fonts. The only to get it to execute
properly, is to have the special mathematica fonts installed on the client.
This goes for plain on ssh w/ X11 connections, and NX. Right now, we jsut
have instructions for users on how to install them, but we would LOVE to add

Now, I took, for an example, the Windows/client.zip file from out
WebCompanion server. I extracted it (you have to lzma decompress it, then
unzip it). I added our fonts to the share/fonts dir, just like the other
fonts in there. I zip/lzma'd it back up. Uploaded it to a test server in
place of the "real" client.zip. Now, when I hit the site form a Windows box,
it downloads it, and extracts it, but my fonts arn't there. Am I missing

Matthew Nicholson
nicholson at eps.harvard.edu
Harvard University
FAS IT Research Computing
Dept. Of Earth and Planetary Science
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