[FreeNX-kNX] some questions about the installation (0.7.2)

davefury david.corral at silicetelecom.com
Wed Mar 26 13:40:31 UTC 2008

Hi there again, I'm trying to install FreeNX-server 0.7.2 on a Debian Etch.
Reading the installation notes included in the 0.7.2..:

Get all sources from www.nomachine.com/sources.php

Untar all sources, install all dependencies then do:

  $ cd nx-X11
  $ make World
  $ cd ..
  $ cd nxproxy
  $ ./configure && make

Do you mean all the sources listed on that page (there are about 18)?
Just in case I got and uncompressed them all.

  $ cd nx-X11
  $ make World
  $ cd ..
  $ cd nxproxy
  $ ./configure && make

After the long make World process, I realized there is no nxagent binary but
the final output shows no errors. :S
Anyone else having this issue?

  $ NXPREFIX=/usr/NX
  $ mkdir -p ${NXPREFIX}/lib ${NXPREFIX}/bin

  $ cp -a nx-X11/lib/X11/libX11.so* ${NXPREFIX}/lib
  $ cp -a nx-X11/lib/Xext/libXext.so* ${NXPREFIX}/lib
  $ cp -a nx-X11/lib/Xrender/libXrender.so* ${NXPREFIX}/lib
  $ cp -a nxcomp/libXcomp.so* ${NXPREFIX}/lib
  $ cp -a nxcompext/libXcompext.so* ${NXPREFIX}/lib

libXcompshad library is no longer needed?

Going back ...
If instead of getting all the sources from the nomachine page, I get only
nxagent, nxcomp, nxcompext, nxcompshad, nxproxy, nx-X11, the compilation
succesfully generates nxagent binary.


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