[FreeNX-kNX] [qtnx] It works for me but...

Vincent Besse vincent at ouhena.org
Thu Mar 20 11:46:32 UTC 2008


this is a short feedback after my first use of qtnx on Debian.
I also applied the patch from F.F. for nxproxy (3.1.0 version).

First of all: it's working :) !

Now some little problems :( :
- media is enabled by default. I would prefer it off.
- If I close the session before QtNX, QtNX hangs up and I have to
Ctrl-C it, despite the "Close QtNX when NX starts" option. If I close
QtNX first, it's ok.
- when choosing "Custom" session, the Settings button gets activated,
but nothing when it's clicked (missing feature ?)
- there' s no way to enable/disable CUPS,SMB or ESD (missing feature
- what's the "SSH tunneling" option for ?


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