[FreeNX-kNX] fail2ban and freenx

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Sat Mar 15 23:08:33 UTC 2008

Hi Fabian,

  Thanks for the answer, I wanted to write it in the wiki (as is 
suggested in the freenx mailing list signature), but I couldn't 
register. There is some problem with registeration there:


You don't have permission to access /index-en.phtml on this server."

Anyway I added :

logger -t nxserver -i -p auth.info "(`whoami`) Failed login for 
user=$USER from IP=`echo $SSH_CLIENT| awk '{print $1}'`"

Where you have indicated, and it works fine.

Thanks again.

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> Hi,




>   I started to use fail2ban, an application that read log files and 

> it finds an IP that is trying to login too many times and failing it

> blocks it in the firewall for ten minutes. This is to prevent

> dictionary attacks. I wanted to see if it finds my nx login failures

> but unfortunately when nx client is login in it first login from its 

> using the key, and then using a password from So the

> failures are registering on and not on the real IP.


>   Please tell me if there is some log file where login failures would 

> registered with the real IP and the time of failure.  Or if I can

> modify something to get that.

You can modify nxserver.

Search for 404 and add a syslog command or whatever. The IP can be 
gotten from



echo "NX> 404 [...]"

syslog [... params ...] "Failed login for USER $USER. IP=$SSH_CLIENT".

Or whatever.

As I pointed out in IRC you can also use another public/private key 
pair, which

you deploy to clients to reach your goal of preventing attackers.

Best Regards,



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