[FreeNX-kNX] fail2ban and freenx

jhonyl at netscape.net jhonyl at netscape.net
Fri Mar 14 05:47:01 UTC 2008


  I started to use fail2ban, an application that read log files and when 
it finds an IP that is trying to login too many times and failing it 
blocks it in the firewall for ten minutes. This is to prevent 
dictionary attacks. I wanted to see if it finds my nx login failures 
but unfortunately when nx client is login in it first login from its IP 
using the key, and then using a password from So the 
failures are registering on and not on the real IP.

  Please tell me if there is some log file where login failures would be 
registered with the real IP and the time of failure.  Or if I can 
modify something to get that.


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