[FreeNX-kNX] PPC Linux NX Client?

Joe Baker joebaker at dcresearch.com
Wed Mar 12 01:34:47 UTC 2008

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Seb James wrote:
| On Tue, 2008-03-11 at 16:27 -0500, Joe Baker wrote:
|> Hi,
|> In my home we have a Fedora 8 Linux Power PC System.  It would be great
|> if it could access a FreeNX server we have.
|> Can anyone direct me to a NX Client built for this architecture?
|> Even a bash script would be fine.
|> Thanks!
| Hi Joe,
| You want to have a look at nxcl and qtnx (qtnx is built on the nxcl
| library) - these can be built from source for your ppc system (in theory
| - I don't think anyone has actually done it yet).
| There's also a GTK application which is built on nxcl - an equivalent to
| qtnx, but it's not yet finished (that's my job, but I have no time for
| it unfortunately)
| Cheers,
| Seb James

Thanks Seb, I'll give qtnx and nxcl a try tonight if I can manage the time.

Joe Baker

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