[FreeNX-kNX] .nx and .ssh in Windows profile not deletable

Holger Krull holger.krull at gmx.de
Thu Mar 6 10:37:39 UTC 2008

Rupert Kolb schrieb:
> Hi,
> connecting from windows clients with a (recent) nomachine client to an 
> openSUSE FreeNX 0.7.1 we get .nx and .ssh directories in the local 
> (temporary) profiles of the windows users.
> They are not deletable.

They are, if you add access rights for the group administrators.
The nomachine client creates these files with full controll access for the owner only. Windows default is full controll for the windows user, system and the group administrator. If you want them to get automatically deleted you will need to change the acls first.

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