[FreeNX-kNX] SuSE10.2, FreeNX vFreeNX-0.7.1-7.1.i586 (Hmm not SOLVED...)

Verner Kjærsgaard vk at os-academy.dk
Tue Mar 4 06:42:45 UTC 2008

Mandag den 3. Marts 2008 skrev Verner Kjærsgaard:

> Mandag den 3. Marts 2008 skrev Verner Kjærsgaard:
> > Hi list,
> >
> > - I've a SuSE10.2 that used to run the commercial NX3. Now, we want to go
> > all FOS. So I uninstall the commercial NX (using rpm -e nxclient, nxnode,
> > nxserver). All looks good.
> >
> > I then (using YaST instdall "expect"). All is good.
> > I then download FreeNX-0.7.1-7.1.i586.rpm from opensuse.org.
> > If I give (as root): rpm -Uvh --test FreeNX-0.7.1-7.1.i586.rpm
> >
> > This gives me: "NX is needed by FreeNX-0.7.1-7.1.i586"
> >
> > I then installed the commercial nxclient-3.0.0-84. Same message, no
> > change. I then installed the commercial nxnode-3.0.0-83. Same message, no
> > change.
> >
> > What NX-package do I need to install ?
> > As always, thanks!
> Dummy me. Sorry for the question. I installed "NX" from within YaST,- and
> then the fine FreeNX from the repo.

Well, I don't undertand it all. The FreeNX-0.7.rpm from the SuSE repo tells me  
that "NX is needed". I find NX from within YaST and install it. Now I install 
FreeNX (the repo 0.7 rpm). I configure and fire up NX. But it seems to be the 
wrong v0.5 GPL version that is running, not the FreeNX0.7 that I wish to run.

Eh, I'm doing something really stupid here, it appears to me that no matter 
what I do, I can't run 0.7? 

Any hints? Links, how-tos?

Med venlig hilsen/Best regards
Verner Kjærsgaard

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