[FreeNX-kNX] Printer and file sharing via smb

Fabian Franz FabianFranz at gmx.de
Sun Mar 2 12:11:30 UTC 2008

> Hello.

Hello Freddy,

> I test FreeNX 0.7.1 on an ubuntu 7.10 with a windows client on Vista.

Which packages? That could help Ace, which seemed not to be able to find packages for Ubuntu.

> 1) When I want to mount a file share, an error occurs. In fact, I've
> noticed 
> that the line
> $(cat 
> "$USER_FAKE_HOME/.nx/C-$SERVER_NAME-$display-$sessionid/scripts/mport")
> in nxnode, function cmd_node_smbmount, returns nothing. A possible 
> workaround is to test if that command returns nothing and, in that case, 
> reinitialize port with $(getparam port).

lol, we added a workaround to work around a bug and now we seem to have a new bug ...

> Some people noticed this issue and have proposed a patch. For example, see


Thank you.


> 2) When I want to attach a printer, at the beginning of the session, I've 
> got a dialog box which proposes to choose the driver. If I click on the 
> button configure, I've got the login box from the Linux NX client of the 
> server. That sounds not logical...

Hm, yes. I think this was fixed together with some other nxdialog bug.

> 3) The painful issue: in fact I can't print to a shared windows printer.
> In node.cfg, SAMBA_MOUNT_SHARE_PROTOCOL="smbfs"
> The log on the client is:
> Info: Forwarded new connection to SMB server on port '139'.
> Info: Closed connection to SMB server.

The problem is that the Windows printer is not accessible via port 139. There is some setting for that somewhere. Hah, found it!

The following works on Windows XP:

Go to "System settings", "Windows Firewall Options", select "File- and Printersharing", click "Edit", check "TCP 139" (it is, since SP2 and Vista I think too, unchecked by default).

Now you can print again via smbfs to Windows printers.

> Thank you for your coming answers,

You're welcome,


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