[FreeNX-kNX] Problem to redisplay Win4Lin

Terje Andersen terander at guard.zapto.org
Sat Mar 1 09:04:08 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-02-29 at 12:36 -0400, Ace Suares wrote:
> On Friday 29 February 2008, Alastair Johnson wrote:
> > I know nothing about win4lin but have had no problems running either
> > qemu or vmware over NX. Which version of freenx and the nx libs are you
> > using?
> I use 1.5 I think, but apart from version numbering, I have no problem at 
> all to access the desktop of the VM!
> On the host, kvm/qemu runs Ubuntu Breezy; I get to see it's desktop 
> without problems. I can start win4lin.
> Using freenx, I can easily get another desktop to show, which is the 
> desktop from the VM. This desktop is faster then the one the qemu gives 
> me, and I can move the mouse in and out that desktop (while in qemu, it 
> grabs the mouse and I need Alt-Ctrl to get the mouse back).
> So far so good, but I can't start win4lin. Actually, it's starting, it 
> shows a black outline of where the window would be for about 2 sec, and 
> the Win4Lin sits in the task bar (gnome). It's in the forground too, I 
> can see other windows but I need to switch (Alt-tab) first before I can 
> touch other windows.
> When I am in the VM, I can set DISPLAY=:1000 and then start win4lin; it 
> will do the exact same thing in the freenx window, so win4lin is actually 
> redirected to the freenx session and behaves the same like when I had 
> started it straight from the freenx window.
> In tightvncserver, which starts new desktops, as well as the standard 
> tools in Ubuntu for desktop sharing, which mirror existing sessions, I 
> can start win4lin and it will display correctly and properly. Very nice. 
> And it might be the way to go (vnc that is) but I tought freenx would give 
> me more flexibility and be faster, too.
> The problem is, how can I debug it !? Should I trace or log the local 
> X-server (the one that runs nxclient) ? Or the nxserver on the VM ? 
> I am not using Java at all.
> Any help still appreciated.
> Ace

Can you try to turn off "lazy encoding" (<ctrl+alt+e)?
or maybe use the "slow mode" with <ctrl+alt+s> ?

Dunno if it helps, but maybe.... ;)

If not, you could upgrade to nxlibs 3.x and use <ctrl+alt+j> to force
draw syncronization...


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