[FreeNX-kNX] 2 freenx server with same client.id_dsa.key

cedric briner work at infomaniak.ch
Wed Jan 30 14:18:15 UTC 2008

Hello the list,

I'm wanting to provide two freenx server with a unique client.id_dsa.key 
for the client. So they will only have to choose which server they want 
to use to switch from one to the other.

But I thought that things will be easy:

-install freenx-server1
  - check it if working
  - yes it is,
     the provide the /usr/NX/home/nx/.ssh/client.id_dsa.key to my users

- install the freenx-server2 the same way
  - check it if working
  - yes it is
  - the copy the keys from freenx-server1
  - scp freenx-server1:/usr/NX/home/nx/.ssh/\* /usr/NX/home/nx/.ssh/

but.. it is not working at all.

Am'I missing something ???

Geneva - Switzerland

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