[FreeNX-kNX] freenx keymaps questions

Tom Diehl tdiehl at rogueind.com
Fri Feb 29 16:38:27 UTC 2008

On Fri, 29 Feb 2008, Terje Andersen wrote:

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>> Hi,
>> I am relatively new to freenx but so far it is working well. The biggest
>> problem I am having is making sure that I understand which machine the keys
>> I am typing are being executed on. For instance If I am in a freenx session
>> that is not full screen and I do <alt-F2> I get a run application screen
>> on the local machine. The only way I can get the run application box on
>> the remote machine is to run freenx full screen.
>> Is there a way to do the equivalent commands on the remote machine?
>> Is there a way to switch out of full screen mode without killing or
>> suspending
>> the remote session. For example If I am using rdesktop to a windoze box I can
>> start up a session full screen, but when I want to get out of it I can do
>> <ctrl-alt-enter> and it will shrink the display so that I am able to minimize
>> the session and switch desktops. When I want to go back to the remote session
>> pressing <ctrl-alt-enter> again makes the session full screen.
> <ctrl+alt+f> will switch on/off fullscreen.
> When in fullscreen there is also a "magic" pixel in the upper-right corner,
> when left-clicked it will minimize the fullscreen session.
> PS! Another nice keycombo is <ctrl-alt-t> which will present the
> suspend/terminate/cancel box (especially nice when in fullscreen)

Thank You so much!!

Is there a list of these somewhere?


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