[FreeNX-kNX] Wishlist for 0.7.2 needed

Terje Andersen terander at guard.zapto.org
Wed Feb 27 21:45:37 UTC 2008

> On Feb 27, 2008, at 1:32 PM, Fabian Franz wrote:
>  Hello guys,
>  sorry for the delay of FreeNX 0.7.2 (1.5 months)
>  I want to make a short wishlist for what should be in the release.
>  I have noted so far:
>  - NX 3.1.0 support
>   - Support for printing via CIFS (port 445 forwarding) [this will be  
>  done via a LD_PRELOAD solution wrapper]
>  Anything more?
>  You have around 1 week more for wishes. Please post all of them,  
>  even though I am not sure if I can fulfill them all, but I'll do my  
>  very best.

1) Shadow capabilities / session sharing / session takeover

2) Process information from running sessions (the ability to list
processes running inside a session without mixing processes from, e.g.
one user logged in twice). Something like 'nxserver --listprocess
<sessionid> | <username> | :display'

3) better session control (to better control/configure if the users
should get a new session or not, be able to start a rootless
appllication _inside_ the same session that one already havea running
rootless application - see ML today for more info about this (Subject:
"Starting a second application within an  already established

4) enable the possibility to have a central SQL database that contains
all the session-information (something like Citrix IMA store). From this
DB feature one could raise a lot of feature requests, like:
  a) Load balancing to FreeNX servers - look at all the FreeNX servers
which have been joined to this DB as one "virtual" FreeNX server (like a
'Farm' in Citrix which essentialy is a DB containing all the info about
the servers, the applications that are published on which server, users,
rules/policies, ).
  b) the ability load balance rootless applications
  c) central control over all servers, users and applications; which
user can use which application on which server, etc. (In Citrix terms; a
central configuration data store)

5) Add the support for i18n (stole that from you Fabian :p) (I'd be
happy to provide/maintain Norwegian translation!)

6) Add SNMP support

7) Application limiting; the ability to provide a list over applications
a user/group cannot start, or the opposite way; a list of applications a
user/group _can_ start


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