[FreeNX-kNX] 64 Bit Fedora 8 Server/FreeNX

Gregory Carter gcarter at aesgi.com
Fri Feb 15 23:41:48 UTC 2008

I have freenx installed on a 64 bit and having terrible luck getting it 
too work.

32 bit side is no problems.

What is weird is I can connect from the Windows side to the 64 bit 
environment with a old 1.5.0 client, but the same client under Linux 
doesn't work.

All my Fedora 8 32 bit servers work with no problems Linux/Windows 
clients both the commercial NX and GnuNX clients.

I searched the list for 64 bit issues, did not see anything of relevance 
so I am wondering if anyone else has had any issues or could offer some 
tips in general for a 64 bit Fedora 8 server with 32 bit clients.

If there isn't anything simple I will post a server trace.


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