[FreeNX-kNX] NX 3.0 is out

Christoph Strasen info at cyor.de
Mon Jun 25 19:45:55 UTC 2007

Fabian Franz schrieb:
> Hi all,
> NX 3.0 was released by our friends at NoMachine today, sporting all the features you asked for here and at NoMachine for years:
> - Desktop sharing
> - Session shadowing
> - Full support for the x86_64 architecture
> (- Full server and node scriptability)
> (- Support for profiles on a per-server and per-user basis )
> - Windows Vista support
> - Screen scaling capabilities
> - Dynamic reordering of the screen updates
> - Greatly reduced session reconnection times 
> (- Expanded reliability of multi-node configurations)
> - All the NX Web applications are now out of Beta
> - Improved support for the most recent Linux distributions
> for more see the release announcement at: http://www.nomachine.com/
> Support will probably be added on the weekend, but I all beg you to send me or the mailing list lots of  mail and asking for that support. Also send me again mails during that weekend.
> This _is_ very important, because I found out that my motivation is very much bound to public interest and also comes and goes in chunks. Yes, I _should_ be all time motivated to work on my own project of free software, but lets be honest here: It is unfortunately not working like that. But I guess we might be able to "trick" / motivate me and get this support for NX 3.0 fast. I would like to see it as much as you as currently I am motivated, but I know how much and how fast this can change (especially if time is low), so please help me here ;-).
> Hope we can all enjoy the new release soon,
> cu
> Fabian
> PS: If you want you can also donate (money can be motivational as its shows interest) or make a kind of bet bound to money and time constraints ;-). I love a challenge ...
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Dear Fabian,

i used freenx from the 1.4 version on and i honestly can't live without
it. Installing freenx, maintaining desktops for my friends and
customers, developing reliable server structures for it tought me just
SO much about Linux, that i will allways remember this software as my
gate to OSS-World.
I never had a personal desktop so reliable and so *EVERYWHERE* like i
had with freenx.

THANK YOU! and Go on!
We want freenx to become equal or even better then our friends
implementation ;D

and .. if you can find some time, please mentor the guys involved in
OSS-Freenx client development. This part of the NX-World needs your
hands to (MAEMO Plattform, upcomming and released mobile devices).
thank You.

yours sincerely
Christoph Strasen

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