[FreeNX-kNX] Porting to FreeBSD, trans_socket log, partial success

Fabian Franz FabianFranz at gmx.de
Thu Jun 21 03:35:06 UTC 2007

> Can anyone comment on this log by nxagent compiled with NX_TRANS_[INFO|
> WARN|DEBUG|...] defined (in programs/Xserver/os and lib/X11)
> What actually happens:
> nxagent seems to stay indefinitely in a loop, polling ... (what? local x
> server?). If I press ^C, it stops with this and starts listening on port
> 5000 for a remote connection. Then I can connect to it with 
> nxproxy -C localhost:1000.
> So, what does it do in that poll loop, and why? Should it fail there and
> doesn't for some reason? Any ideas?

I have a small idea.

We changed in the absolute initial FreeBSD patch made by Laura from KDE, pselect a bit, because FreeBSD had no sigmask parameter. (compare man pselect on Linux and FreeBSD)

It might be that this change is the one biting us now, because if I see / remember this correctly its exactly this pselect that is in that infinite polling loop.

It might be that you need to call sigprocmask or another call before, but it all seemed to be some "magic" in the past. Anyway, this is the only thing I can think of right now ...



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