[FreeNX-kNX] again exit status 1

Bushkov Evgeniy protectorat at mail.ru
Thu Jun 7 06:20:05 UTC 2007

> Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2007 22:43:26 +0200
> From: "Fabian Franz" <FabianFranz at gmx.de>
> Subject: Re: [FreeNX-kNX] again exit status 1
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>> Hi all.
>> I'm using freenx-0.5.0 and VNC sessions.
> Please note you will get the best performance by not using VNC.
Yes, I know. But we use Thinstation and it's buggy Xorg has memory leaks
with NX, VNC is more robust. I know this is not freenx but Thinstation
problem. For a past year problem still exist, but I hope new version
makes me happy. :\
>> Some users sometimes can't start VNC-session, NX return message "startup
>> failed" with errors.  Nxserver.log show:
>> NX> 1000 NXNODE - Version 1.5.0-50 OS (GPL)
>> Password too short
> I think this is the source of the problems.
> nxnode generates the passwords for accessing the VNC server:
>                 echo "$agent_password" | $PATH_BIN/nxpasswd
"$USER_FAKE_HOME/.nx/C-$sess_id/scripts/.passwd" doit
> You could check if you can manually get the too short error via
providing different passwords there.
I look at nxviewer/nxpasswd/vncpasswd.c There is a code there:
    if (strlen(passwd) < 5) {
      fprintf(stderr, "Password too short\n");
     return 0;
But I'm absolutely sure users have passwords with more (or equal) than 5
I think that password is for VNC server with one shared connection, but
we use VNC with many sessions, so password is not needed, every user
possess own password and establish own session. In NX client' properties
in "VNC - Settings"tab  password is clear. I add record for Thinstation
config with fake password:
"SESSION_0_NX_VNC_SESSION_PASSWORD=":114:121:104:118:121:127:" So now
message "Password too short" is disappeared from nxserver.log but not
help me:

NX> 105 startsession  --link="lan" --backingstore="1" --nodelay="1"
--cache="16M" --images="0M" --media="0" --session="SERVVNC" --type="vnc"
--agent_server="" agent_password="******"
--geometry="800x600" --fullscreen="1" --kbtype="pc102/"

Cannot open display "default display"
NX> 1000 NXNODE - Version 1.5.0-50 OS (GPL)
NX> 700 Session id: dosic-1055-0B379A972F702738371B72C71D886EB0
NX> 705 Session display: 1055
NX> 703 Session type: vnc
NX> 701 Proxy cookie: d8918d334ceecaad25d67369626ed119
NX> 702 Proxy IP:
NX> 706 Agent cookie: d8918d334ceecaad25d67369626ed119
NX> 704 Session cache: vnc
NX> 707 SSL tunneling: 0
NX> 710 Session status: running
NX> 1002 Commit
NX> 1006 Session status: running
NX> 105 bye
NX> 999 Bye
NX> 1001 Bye.
NX> 105 NX> 1009 Session status: starting
NX> 1009 Session status: terminating
NX> 1004 Error: NX Agent exited with exit status 1.
NX> 1006 Session status: closed
NX> 596 Session startup failed.
NX> 1001 Bye.

Again sometime user can start session wih success, sometime failed with
this result. Where else I can look at for problem solving?


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