[FreeNX-kNX] FreeNX: What is the file nxclient good for?

Terje Andersen terander at guard.zapto.org
Sat Jul 7 06:48:11 UTC 2007

----- Melding fra FabianFranz at gmx.de ---------

>> To avoid misunderstandings in the future, it might be good to think
>> about renaming it (nxclient), as it is very confusing to have two   
>> files with the
>> same name doing different things. Especially newbies to NX could be
>> easily confused.
> If we could, we would have done that a long time ago ...
> Well, it needs to be called nxclient, because nxagent is searching   
> for that exact file in path with option dialog. I dunno why the hell  
>  they did not just call it nxdialog and then run it via nxclient ...
OK, that's a reasonable explanation :-)

> Its just another one of those annoying things NX ships hardcoded with.
> Leopold did convice me though now that slh is and always has been right.
> We need to have our own version of the NX tree, which we merge with   
> new upcoming NX versions, when we are actually ready.

Good news :-)

> Merging it also has the huge advantage, that changes are easier seen  
>  and can be applied to the server / client code base too.


> I however disagree that that should be 1.5.0, which 2x NX is based   
> on. I would like to do the fork() with 3.0.0 as that has all   
> features I ever wanted _and_ is based on x.org, which gives it   
> slight chances of being not completely out of date, yet.

ok, that I can agree upon.

> I'll talk with the 2x people, but I think it should be no problem to  
>  import the new version into their SVN.

That would be good news :-)

> Ok, that got really off topic here now and will go also into the   
> release mail that will follow now.
> cu
> Fabian


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