[FreeNX-kNX] Xfce resolution issue

Thomas Eriksson thomas.eriksson at slac.stanford.edu
Tue Jan 31 18:45:46 UTC 2006

I sent post to the Xfce list regarding this about a month ago, but got
no replies.

I have done tests with different servers and clients and it appears
that if the server is version 1.5, !M or FreeNX, it doesn't matter
which version if the client you use. Xfce will always use a smaller
window size than specified.

Would be very helpful if someone who knows how the window size is
communicated to the window manager had the time to look at this.


Frédéric LE FAUCHEUR wrote:
> I have the same problem in 1024*768 resolution. The XFCE is 800x600.
> 2006/1/27, Aaron Kirk (aakirk) <aakirk at cisco.com <mailto:aakirk at cisco.com>>:
>     Hello,
>     I'm currently using xfce with the last 1.5 client, the latest
>     freenx, and the first version of the nx 1.5 server on RHEL 4.
>     When I start a session using xfce as my window manager, the NX
>     client window comes up with a little 1024x768 xfce session in it. 
>     My display is set at 1600x1200.  When I connect to the same server
>     using KDE instead, my NX client window comes up with a 1600x1200 kde
>     session.
>     Looking in the archives, I found a message entitled 'xfce + full
>     screen' with similar issues but no response.
>     I think I'm having the same issue.
>     Any ideas?
>     Aaron

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