[FreeNX-kNX] FreeNX, NX-1.5.0 and nxc client libraries

Martin Honermeyer maze at strahlungsfrei.de
Fri Sep 2 08:39:27 UTC 2005

Hello George,

George Wright wrote:

> In order to familiarise myself with the NX system, I tried to connect to
> my server using the nxrun command-line client. The server is an AMD64
> machine with NX-1.5.0 installed (which I compiled in a 32-bit chroot), and
> works fine with the commercial NoMachine 1.5.0 client.

Did you just compile the NX sources in the chroot? So you are using them
with a 64bit X-Server, KDE etc.?  

I am curious because I didn't think it was possible to mix it that way. We
are running the whole system (Gentoo) in a 32bit chroot on our AMD64


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