[FreeNX-kNX] FreeNX and "Google Summer of Code"

Kurt Pfeifle k1pfeifle at gmx.net
Mon Jun 6 01:00:00 UTC 2005

Hi, all,
attention, students!

If you are a student (or know one who is interested in FreeNX) read on.
You may want to participate in the "Google Summer of Code".

I have put together a list of jobs to work on and earn yourself a bounty 
of up to 4.500.- $US. The individual items I will post to this list in
separate mails.

When I learned about the Google challenge, it was too late to get FreeNX
listed amongst the mentoring projects. However, it is not all lost: 
gratefully, the KDE project will be taking FreeNX-related submissions 
under its umbrella, if someone suitable picks them, and succeeds to get
it accepted by Google.

You can find more generic info about the Google challenge here:


Here are some basic rules:

*  You have to be a student.

*  You must be at least 18 years old on June 14th, 2005.

*  You can participate if you are a graduate student.

*  You can participate if you graduate in the middle of the program.

*  You can participate if have just been accepted to a college/university 
      but are not yet a student.

*  You can participate even if you are a student who is already an Open 
      Source developer.

*  You can submit more than one proposal, but only one will be selected 
      since you can work only on one stipend.

*  You must have all formalisms finished by the 14th of June to get
      the project accepted by Google.

*  You must finish the project by the 1st of September.

*  Finally, once you pick the project you would like to complete this 
      summer, you need to apply here: 

* You are strongly encouraged you to work on your proposal with me 
      before sending it off to Google. At the very least try to inform 
      us that you're planning to apply for a specifc task before applying. 
      The address and the format of the email that you should send to us 
      is described at the bottom of this page:

Kurt  [ individual suggestions to follow ]

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