[FreeNX-kNX] FreeNX on AMD64?

Janne Ojaniemi janne.ojaniemi at nbl.fi
Sun Sep 19 08:58:49 UTC 2004

I have peeked at this mailinglist, but I haven't seen any info regarding 
FreeNX on AMD64. Has anyone been successfull at installing it on such a 
system? And I mean both the client and a server.

I'm typing this message on my AMD64-machine (Gentoo Linux), and I would like 
to have FreeNX running on this machine. Then I could use this system when I'm 
at work (where I have to endure Windows XP). I tried installing it on this 
machine, bu hacking the Gentoo-ebuilds, but it did not work, installation 
crapped out on me. I tried both GCC 3.4.0 and 3.3.3.

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