[FreeNX-kNX] ANNOUNCE: FreeNX 0.2.5 released

Marcin Bukat wodz at soliton.ch.pw.edu.pl
Fri Oct 15 14:01:45 UTC 2004

Fabian Franz wrote:

>Hash: SHA1
>after a long break, I just released FreeNX 0.2.5.
>You can find the tarball at the usual location:
>Change to CVS will be done soon. I'm just waiting for my access data for 
>(I sent my ssh-key just today, so it'll take a while of course)
>Also a big thanks goes to Rick Stout, who not only seems to make really great 
>Fedora packages, but also has contributed very valuable patches.
>I'm afraid that the change from nxserver to a config file did not take place 
>today, because I ran out of time. But it is planned for 0.2.6, I just have to 
>re-think _how_ I want to do it.
>Enjoy the ChangeLog:
>14.10.2004 FreeNX 0.2.5
>        * Added Xdialog interface for nxclient and automatic usage
>          of commercial nxclient when available. (Thx go to Rick Stout
>          <zipsonic at gmail.com>)
>        * Added bugfix from the 0.3.0 branch for more flexible nxdesktop in
>          nxnode.
>        * Added patch by Rick Stout for permission problems in nxnode.
>        * Added patch by Rick Stout for a typo in nxkeygen.
>        * Updated gentoo-nomachine.diff.
>        * Updated CONTRIB to include a description of lazy-image encoding.
>Again I wanted to request:
>If anyone is able to program in C/C++ and has some spare time, please take a 
>look at the CONTRIB file and the tasks outlined in there.
>Good news is also (at least for me ;) ) that I succeeded in my math exam, 
>which was part of my long break.
There seems to be bug in fake nxclient from this package. At line 11 it 
checks for Nomachine's nxclient in /usr/NX/bin directory and run it if 
pressent. Imagine what will happen if someone  puts 'fake' client in 
this location.

Marcin Bukat

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