[FreeNX-kNX] session test failed

Marcin Bukat wodz at soliton.ch.pw.edu.pl
Mon Oct 11 10:46:58 UTC 2004

Doug Burks wrote:

>A few things to try:
>1)  It looks like you've set your NX client Desktop setting to
>Unix-Custom-xterm.  Have you tried doing a full Gnome or KDE session?
>2)  Have you checked "Enable SSL encryption of all traffic" in the NX client?
>3)  It looks like you're connecting to port 5000.  Can you ssh to port
>5000 on the FreeNX server and login with the same username/password
>you put in NX client?  Have you changed the following line in nxserver
>to let it know that ssh is no longer listening on port 22?
>4)  Attempt an NX connection and then do:
>tail /var/log/messages
>tail /var/log/secure
Ok, got it to work. There were missing libraries - my foult. The 
question is why this such obvious situation is not clear when reading 
log files.

Marcin Bukat

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