[FreeNX-kNX] freenx and application publishing

Thibauld Favre thibauld.favre at laposte.net
Mon Oct 4 16:03:35 UTC 2004


I'm currently developping a small app for a client. Before coding anything 
"real", I developped a skeleton of my app just so that he could see the UI 
and give me feedback about it. I developped it in ruby+korundum's bindings 
(which are great by the way). As korundum+ruby are not technologies really 
widespread, the "skeleton app" can only run on my PC. 

I thought I could get my client to evaluate it anyway by remotely publishing 
my application on his desktop. I mean by "application publishing" the 
possibility to display a remote application in a floating window that 
integrates perfectly in the local desktop. NX has this feature and it works 

However, I wasn't able so far to display my little app on his desktop. I tried 
with firefox (/usr/bin/firefox) and it works like a charm. The command I use 
to run my app is :
"ruby /path_to_the_app/Main.rb"
As soon as I try to connect to the nxserver, the windows closes and I don't 
have time to read what was displayed.
This is why I wanted to ask you if you know if there's a nxserver log and 
where it's located so that I can actually see what happens. Also, if you have 
a clue why my app cannot be displayed, your comments are welcomed too :)

Thanks a lot,


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