[FreeNX-kNX] CVS for FreeNX server on FreeDesktop.org

k1pfeifle at gmx.net k1pfeifle at gmx.net
Fri Oct 1 16:41:04 UTC 2004

On Friday 01 October 2004 18:28, Aaron Seigo wrote:

> so, finally after being my usual pain-in-the-butt


> we have CVS access on  
> FreeDesktop.org for the FreeNX server stuff!

Ahhhhh.... thanks a bunch! (I was already starting to explore alternative

> i just need an SSH key suitable  
> for use in CVS, a username and an email address from all the developers and 
> i'll reply with confirmation that your account is accessable. please email me 
> your CVS info via private email, and not over the list, of course. thanks =)

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