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From: Danny Allen <danny at commit-digest.org>
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Date: Sunday 31/Aug/2008, @14:34

KDE Commit-Digest for 24th August 2008

   In this week's KDE Commit-Digest
[http://commit-digest.org/issues/2008-08-24/]: First steps towards
autohide and windows-cover-panel in Plasma [http://plasma.kde.org/], and
support for auto creation of Plasmoids based on the type of file dropped
on the desktop. "Konsolator", a new Konsole [http://konsole.kde.org/]
Plasma applet, and "Unit Converter" and "QEdje" Plasmoids. A runner for
searching in the "Recent Documents" history. Initial attempt at
previews-in-tooltip for Konqueror [http://www.konqueror.org/] and
Dolphin [http://dolphin.kde.org/]. Configurable support for size limits
in the Trashcan (and trash:// KIO slave). More bug fixes for Kicker on
KDE 3.5. More work on version control interfaces in kdevplatform (the
basis for KDevelop [http://www.kdevelop.org/] 2). Ability to save as a
PNG image in KTurtle [http://edu.kde.org/kturtle/]. Jigsaw patterns in
Palapeli, start of a new skin editor in KSirK
[http://home.gna.org/ksirk/]. Sound effects (using Phonon
[http://phonon.kde.org/]) and a new theme in Kapman. A new default theme
in KBounce. Various work in Darkroom, including access to different
export codecs. Configuration work in KWin-Composite, especially for
cylinder and sphere effects. Option for Compiz-like "mouse dragging in
cube" effects. KDED module for Phonon for handling audio devices.
Support for ejecting devices in the Lancelot
alternative menu. Work on indexing web sites in NEPOMUK
[http://nepomuk.kde.org/]. Start of integration with NEPOMUK in Mailody
[http://www.mailody.net/], with a move from KHTMLPart to Webkit
[http://webkit.org/] for displaying HTML emails. Work on inline track
info editing, and the ability to play a track directly off of an MTP
device in Amarok [http://amarok.kde.org/] 2. NX resume sessions support,
and improved scaling behaviour in KRDC. A 7zip plugin for Ark. Various
improvements (and a move to kdereview) for PowerDevil. Beginnings of a
"download order script" in KTorrent [http://ktorrent.org/].
Configuration dialog for selecting presentation slides in KPresenter
[http://koffice.kde.org/kpresenter/]. Porting to Eigen2 (from Eigen1)
across KOffice [http://koffice.org/] 2. Scriptable GUI plugins, and an
RSS reader script plugin, in the Shaman package manager. Import of
"Twine", a tool for generating and updating Python bindings from C++
headers, into KDE SVN. Import of a KDE 4 port of Guidedog, a tool for
setting up connection sharing, basic routing, and Network Address
Translation (NAT), into KDE SVN. Import of an "Asciiquarium" screensaver
into playground/artwork. system-config-printer-kde is added to
kdereview. KDE 3.5.10 is tagged for release
[http://dot.kde.org/1219751598/]. Read the rest of the Digest here.

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