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Tue Aug 19 12:47:36 CEST 2008

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From: Jimmy Collins <revjdc at gmail.com>
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Date: Tuesday 19/Aug/2008, @03:42

KDE 4.1 in Slackware Testing

   Official Slackware packages of KDE 4.1 (and dependencies) are now in
the "Testing" directory of Slackware-current. See the changelog for more
information [http://www.slackware.com/changelog/current.php?cpu=i386],
and read on for a quote from Slackware founder, Patrick Volkerding!

     Slackware creator/maintainter Patrick Volkerding writes this in the
Slackware changelog:
 Added KDE version 4.1 to testing! :-) Thanks to Robby Workman and Heinz
Wiesinger for all the packaging and testing help, and of course to the
whole KDE community for helping to bring the Linux desktop to a whole
new level of appearance and ease of use. I've installed this on my main
email/browsing/general machine and as far as I'm concerned there's just
no looking back. It's really a big step forward.
     Patrick has included scripts to help upgrade from KDE 3.5.x. Take
advantage of the README's and documentation he's included (and notice
that this information is for Slackware "current", not Slackware 12.1)

     Kudos to Rob Workman for making KDE 4.x available for Slackware for
the last few months.

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