[dot] Video Comes to KDE://Radio from the Akademy Boat Trip

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Sat Aug 16 02:30:21 CEST 2008

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From: Jonathan Riddell <>
Dept: good-looking-bunch
Date: Friday 15/Aug/2008, @17:28

Video Comes to KDE://Radio from the Akademy Boat Trip

   After a hard week's discussion and hacking the Akademy attendees took
a relaxing trip along the river Dijle towards Antwerp.  The KDE
discussion continued of course but most of the KDE contributors took the
chance to rest from hacking and enjoy the countryside of Flanders. 
KDE://Radio [http://radio.kde.org/] has been updated with some short
video interviews which will introduce you to your friendly KDE

     Besides drinks, we had great food too. A couple of the more
sensitive types got sunburned, others so overly happy we had a large
group hug when we got back to the shore. All in all it was great to be
together without laptops for a while, although the KDE Games group did a
BOF anyway.

     After the group hug the KDE developers spread over Mechelen,
looking for fun and entertainment. Some went back to the hostel, where
they could get back to writing code.

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