Please package qtvirtualkeyboard

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at
Thu Mar 2 19:51:56 UTC 2017

Hi distros,

please start packaging qtvirtualkeyboard if you have not already done 
so. This is already an optional dependency in KWin and with Plasma 5.10 
we will prominently ship the virtual keyboard in the lockscreen.

Please also ensure that all locales for the keyboard are available. 
Currently we don't offer a possibility to input east-asian characters in 
the lock screen and the virtual keyboard will hopefully improve this. 
Unfortunately I couldn't test yet as the distro I use on one system 
doesn't package qtvirtualkeyboard yet and the distro on the other system 
only packages the English locale.

With Plasma 5.10 the qtvirtualkeyboard will stay optional, with Plasma 
5.11 I will make it a hard dependency. So please start packaging.


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