How to handle KDE not respecting YOUR distros requirements?

Martin Graesslin mgraesslin at
Fri Mar 25 16:20:56 UTC 2016


I stumbled over a blog post by a KDE distro packager and want to do a verbatim 
quote of one section:
"[] does not have a steenking systemd you crazy KDE developer"

I can see there some frustration about Plasma requiring systemd and the distro 
not wanting that. First of all: that's not the case, we don't have any 
dependency on systemd. We have a few runtime dependencies to logind's dbus 
interface (like in this case) and are extremely open to other solutions. For 
example the repository in question also supports consolekit2.

Now what's wrong with the approach in the blog post:
1. It creates an us vs. them! Let's not do that, let's work together to solve 
problems. E.g. by raising concerns on this mailing list

2. Insults don't help your case! If you call devs crazy you don't have to be 
surprised that your distro's use case will be ignored. After all I'm crazy ;-) 
Also it doesn't support your wish to have more supported than logind. 
Reactions like that just manifest the feeling that the non-systemd people are 
a crowd of people which cannot do anything except yelling. Sorry to be that 

3. If your distro doesn't follow what 99 % of all other distros do, don't 
expect we write code for it!

In the case of e.g. logind it's relatively easy: no Plasma dev is using a non-
logind system. Don't expect that we go the extra mile to support the minority 
cases. If you want to have something else supported, write the code and submit 
patches. We are happy about them. We don't care whether you use logind, 
consolekit or yabadabadu. If there is code for it, we can integrate it.

But please don't expect that new code will consider anything than what is used 
by the vast majority of our users. Don't start jumping around because of that, 
but help us to support more.

Thank you!
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