Tags not getting read from images

Milind Joshi mmjoshi at iitbombay.org
Wed May 31 13:19:02 BST 2023

I have two installations of digiKam 8.0.0. There are two directories 
where the jpg images are stored. Each installation reads and writes to 
these two directories independent of each other. I tag the jpg images in 
one installation and physically move these images to the other directory 
overwriting them if they already exist. However, after refreshing the 
album digiKam does not see these tags written in the other installation. 
This is so even after I reread metadata from the file. If I use the edit 
metadata command, these tags are visible under the Keywords tab of the 
editor indicating that the image file does have this information. 
Similarly, the Metadata tab has the correct tag name under the IPTC tab. 
If so, why does digiKam not "see" these tags? Even if I search on these 
tags the image is not found by the search command.

My OS is Windows 11 for both the installations of digiKam.


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