Manage front / back side of photos

Thomas sdktda at
Tue May 2 14:06:02 BST 2023

I think this is really good point you bring up.

I agree that it would be nice to have a way to express the relationship 
between what I would call the photo and one or more auxiliary files. 
While I don't think I have a scanned photos that have both front and 
back-side, I do have photos that have metadata stored in auxiliary 
files. Examples of this:

  1. Photo notes, I typically just create a txt file with the same name 
as the photo. Example: IMG_4491.JPG may have IMG_4491.TXT containing 
various notes, etc. for this photo.

2. Image adjustment data for loss-less adjustments of photos. Examples 
are .AAE files that are produced by Apple devices. See this link for 
more info:

3. I got a certain camera that produces XML files that are called 
<img-name>_<suffix>.xml. Example: IMG_4491_timings.xml, there may be 
more than one XML file per image with different suffixes.

I believe Adobe Lightroom has a way to express such relationships to 
other files. Just as it has a concept of a master photo and several 
post-processed versions of that image as well as the concept of "virtual 

I think Digikam would benefit greatly from having similar features.



On 2023-05-02 14:45, Robert Sneyer wrote:
> Hi mailinglist!
> I'm archiving a batch of old photos with handwritten comments on the back
> sides.
> After a scan of both sides I end up with something like:
> pic001_front.tiff
> pic001_back.tiff
> ...
> pic950_front.tiff
> pic950_back.tiff
> What could be the best way to effectively handle a collection like this and
> keep the corresponding files together?
> * grouping for front & back?
> * multipage tiffs?
> * ...
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Robert

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