Several problematic user stories

Thomas sdktda at
Fri Mar 31 20:59:01 BST 2023

On 2023-03-31 21:41, Maik Qualmann wrote:
> Well, that's not really a problem if they tag an unconfirmed face with "-". It
> is simply sorted back into unknown faces. The next time face recognition is
> run, it will probably appear in unconfirmed faces again.
> Maik

The problem is finding the mis-tagged face.

I have collections in which a few persons occur hundreds or thousands of 
times. It is almost impossible to find a face that is mistagged in a 
haystack of thousands of faces that look similar enough that the user 
mistagged it...

Worse, now the app will be trained that this incorrect face belongs to 
this person (which it does not) and then it will learn to recognize it 
as such causing the face recognition quality to decline rapidly.

I wish there was a way to sort images inside a "person album" after when 
they were tagged so that you could easily identify the mistagged one.

And also: A way to sort by how confident the algorithm is on the match. 
I think it would be possible to have the algorithm work for the user 
here: if it assigns a score of how well a face matches a given person 
(and I guess it does, because you can adjust this threshold) then 
sorting by that score would make it easy to find the ones that look the 
least like the person they are tagged as.

Now, when you have identified the mistagged face, then you have a 
different problem: how to properly undo this tagging. This is rather 
confusing. I don't see a Right click --> This person is mistagged, undo 
face tag for this person. But I think I have already started a thread 
about that issue a while back...


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