Would be nice if there were a way to sort photos randomly

Jonathan Kamens jik at kamens.us
Fri Mar 31 19:01:10 BST 2023

I mean, yes, but I don't want to view them randomly in a slideshow, I 
want to view them randomly in thumbnail or preview mode so I can do all 
the things with them that one can do in thumbnail or preview mode, most 
of which are unavailable in slideshow mode.

On 3/31/23 13:39, Gilles Caulier wrote:
> The Slideshow tool as a random option.
> https://docs.digikam.org/fr/slideshow_tools/slide_tool.html
> Look "shuffle Images" setting.
> Best
> Gilles Caulier
> Le ven. 31 mars 2023 à 19:37, Jonathan Kamens<jik at kamens.us>  a écrit :
>> Sometimes when I'm looking for inspiration from a large collection of photos I would like to be able to view them in random order. It would be nice if there were an actual "random" sort order in digiKam to facilitate that.
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