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Fri Mar 31 18:00:39 BST 2023

Le 31/03/2023 à 18:54, Darren a écrit :
> Maik
> I added a second collection as you suggested and that made my temp
> folder visible in DigiKam but the pictures are all in the same folder
> and have not been moved to the other album in year/year-month-date
> format folder structure. I don't know how to move the pictures, in a
> single process, other than "Import-->Add Images...".
> Thanks for helping though
> Darren
I use a linux script (of course outside digikam):

exiftool -progress -r "-Directory<DateTimeOriginal" -d "%Y%m%d" .

for *photos*, exiftool do all the job.

for videos or facebook downloaded photos without exifs, I use a similar 
script, based on the file date:

for a ; do
	b=$(date -r $a +20%y%m%d)
     mkdir -p $b
     mv "$a" $b


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