Migrating from SQLite to MariaDB

Nick Seward nick at homeslice.ca
Sat Mar 25 00:38:43 GMT 2023

Hi All,

After a year of using SQLite as the DB for Digikam I'd like switch to a dedicated MariaDB instance as my database backend.
I went through the DigiKam DB docs (https://docs.digikam.org/en/setup_application/database_settings.html#), setup a MariaDB instance and then used the Database Migration tool to move my data to the new DB. When I did this, only the core Digikam SQLite db was migrated. The "thumbs", "faces" and "similarity" SQLite db's weren't migrated. Is that expected? 

I'm using DigiKam 7.10.0 on an Intel MacBook Pro running MacOS 13.2.1.
I'm running MariaDB 10.11 on a computer on my local network using Docker. 



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