[digiKam-users] How to search the archives

Henrik Hemrin hehemrin at hemrin.com
Sun Mar 19 19:28:04 GMT 2023

The answers are fully or mostly in the thread, anyhow as reference I add 
a link to the digiKam web page where archive search is described; see 
the Mailing list Subscription on this page: 



Den 2023-03-18 kl. 09:27, skrev frederic chaume:
> I'm using this link in my browser (here to find occurence of face )
> site:mail.kde.org inurl:digikam-users face
> hope it helps
> frederic
> Le 18/03/2023 à 08:18, Nadine Helkenn a écrit :
>> Hi!
>> I'm feeling really stupid right now. How do I search the archives of 
>> this list? I'm pretty sure that my questions are not new.
>> Nadine H

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