[digiKam-users] Copy file path and name to clipboard from thumbs view

Frédéric Da Vitoria davito9w at free.fr
Tue Mar 7 10:37:20 GMT 2023

I erroneously pressed Answer instead of Answer to List, reposting here :

Precisely what I wrote (see one of the last paragraphs from my previous 

But Gimp could be smarter and extract the file path from the clipboard 
and open it. For example, when I copy from DK and paste to Microsoft 
Word, Word places a copy of the image in the document. The Gimp coud 
simply open the image, it wouldn't be more difficult. But I understand 
that The Gimp's developers have more important work to do, and I 
completely agree this is quite minor.

Also, if Word is able to parse the clipboard, open the file, read the 
image and copy it to the document, then Notepad++ and Windows Notepad 
could simply extract the file name from the clipboard. They don't, 
because DK does not flag the clipboard contents as text but as a file. 
Again, this is a question of priorities, and I am not saying anybody is 
wrong. And I am not suggesting that you should change DK's behaviour! I 
much prefer being able to copy from DK to a file manager than to a text 
editor. Unfortunately, in the Windows world, we must chose between the 
two options, instead of having both.

Le 07/03/2023 à 11:10, Gilles Caulier a écrit :
> The Gimp error is normal. Gimp attends to find image data in 
> clipboard, not test with url. Open an image in DK image editor, 
> Edit/Select all, and Edit/Copy the image contents. Go to gimp and 
> paste.gimp. Here it work like a charm under Linux.
> Gilles Caulier
> Le mar. 7 mars 2023 à 11:04, Frédéric Da Vitoria <davito9w at free.fr> a 
> écrit :
>     Hello,
>     I just tested using Notepad++ and The Gimp. Copy / Paste does not
>     do anything. I tried using Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Ins and the "Copy" option
>     in the thumbnail's contextual menu, same results.
>     Notepad++ reacts as if there was no text to paste :
>     and Gimp does the same :
>     The Gimp's message seems a little more informative, but
>     unfortunately the message is the same if the clipboard is empty or
>     if it contains no image data.
>     Drag & Drop works fine both with Notepad++ and with The Gimp.
>     Gilles, I was a little surprised that you expected Copy to copy
>     the name of the image instead of it's contents. From your answer,
>     I later realized that you expected Copy to work on both.
>     Using Nirsoft's InsideClipboard tool, I found that DK did indeed
>     put something in the clipboard, but that Notepad++ and The Gimp
>     could not understand it. So I checked copying from different tools
>     as a source (an image viewer, Windows Explorer and so on). The
>     image viewer I checked copies the image contents, and works only
>     with The Gimp. Windows Explorer and another file manager don't
>     work with Notepad++ or with The Gimp, just like DigiKam. I could
>     not find any tool which would copy both the contents and the path
>     in such a way that it worked with Notepad++ and The Gimp. OTOH,
>     copying from DK towards Windows Explorer or another file manager
>     works.
>     My conclusion is that the Windows clipboard is much less tolerant
>     than the Linux clipboard, the Windows clipboard contains either a
>     file (actually not the file itself, but data allowing to identify
>     it), text, image (or probably music and so on) but not several
>     types of data at once. So that copying from DK can either work
>     with a file manager, a text editor or a graphics software but not
>     with all at once. Currently, DK places file data. I have no idea
>     why software aren't as smart with the clipboard as with Drag &
>     Drop. Maybe some other text editor is smart enough to parse the
>     clipboard and fetch the file path from what DK places there?
>     Note that DK does not always copy file data to the clipboard. If
>     you edit an image and select some part of it, DK copies image data
>     instead, which makes perfect sense IMO, so that you can then paste
>     to The Gimp.
>     InsideClipboard can save a digest of the clipboard contents. I you
>     find it useful, I can post digests taken in different situations.
>     Regards
>     DigiKam 7.9.0
>     Build date: 03/12/2022 14:49 (target: RelWithDebInfo)
>     Revision: 99d199a7ebc10fae20afffc316ce34815f7d1c9d
>     Windows 11 64 bits
>     Le 07/03/2023 à 07:53, Gilles Caulier a écrit :
>>     Hi all,
>>     The copy and paste in digiKam is based on the QClipBoard class from Qt :
>>     https://doc.qt.io/qt-6/qclipboard.html
>>     In the album view, we take the item urls and we share the data to the
>>     clipboard as text list. It's a very simple mechanism.
>>     - paste into GEdit :https://i.imgur.com/1UF93ej.png
>>     - paste into VIM:https://i.imgur.com/SeGJLZ4.png
>>     - paste into Kate :https://i.imgur.com/eltQHZ4.png
>>     Note : the same mechanism is used with drag and drop...
>>     Best
>>     Gilles Caulier
>>     Le mar. 7 mars 2023 à 06:06, Shel Ritter<shelritterbmw at yahoo.com>  <mailto:shelritterbmw at yahoo.com>  a écrit :
>>>     Hey Robert ,
>>>     I was interested in seeing how people might respond to this question. I was surprised at Gilles's answer as I've never seen an option to copy an image file path in my older v7.3.0,  wondering if it was a feature added in a newer build. I'm running it in Windows 7 and that 'Copy' menu option does just copy the image as would be expected. When I want to get the actual path to a file, I right-click a thumbnail and select the 'Open In File Manager' menu option which brings up Windows Explorer at the folder that contains the file. I would think Linux would bring up whatever file manager you have installed.
>>>     Shel
>>>     On 3/6/2023 9:31 AM,plowmail2010 at gmail.com  wrote:
>>>     Windows 7 64-bit
>>>     digiKam 7.9.0
>>>        Build date: 12/3/2022 2:49 PM (target: RelWithDebInfo)
>>>        Revision: 99d199a7ebc10fae20afffc316ce34815f7d1c9d
>>>        Branch: HEAD
>>>     Thanks, Gilles, but selecting a thumbnail and copy/paste into a text editor or Paint produces nothing.
>>>     Pasting onto the Windows desktop or into Windows Explorer produces a copy of the image's file.
>>>     Same result with copy/paste outside digiKam: select a file name in Windows Explorer or Xplorer2, copy/paste into text editor or Paint produces nothing.  Pastes the file OK onto the desktop or into Windows Explorer.
>>>     Pasting into GIMP produced the message "There is no image data in the clipboard...".
>>>     Does the copy/paste work in linux?
>>>     Is this a peculiarity of the clipboard in Windows 7?
>>>     Robert DiGrazia
>     -- 
>     Frédéric Da Vitoria

Frédéric Da Vitoria
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