[digiKam-users] inconsistency in tags, how to reinitialize

frederic chaume frederic.chaume at gmail.com
Sun Mar 5 13:48:00 GMT 2023

Hi all

I have some inconsistencies in the tags of some pictures. I'm using 
hierarchical tags but I found some tags located in the wrong place in 
the hierarchie
for example  I have a tag "/pays/Bretagne/cote de granite rose" but I 
also found the tag "/cote de granite rose"  and the picture have both in 
the caption
So I tried different solutions:
- move the tag "/cote de granite rose"  in its correct  place in the 
tree with the tag manager and merge with the right tag
- remove the tag from the picture
- remove the tag itself

but each time I'm applying  the change , the tag reappear in the tag 
list as well as in the picture

So I tried to remove the XMP and execute the command "read from file to 
database" but not change

Then I'm wondering how to reinitialize the tags in this picture (I have 
some other pictures in this case)

For your information I have never executed a "database cleaning", could 
it help ? how long does it take ? and how to secure this operation, I 
suppose making a backup of db files before running it is the minumum, 
something else ?

Please note I'm using DK7.9 on windows

Thanks for your help

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