[digiKam-users] Security ?

Henrik Hemrin hehemrin at hemrin.com
Thu Mar 2 13:34:26 GMT 2023

I agree. Although it's somewhat odd to mail out the password every month 
by e-mail, I cannot see any direct issue. As long as the user use a 
unique, good and random password. The account is only used for my KDE 
mailing lists, settings for them and unsubscribe. Maybe it is somewhat 
more problem if also the users with admin-access get those e-mails as 
well, as the admin have access to list of all subscribers. So I beleive 
it may be somewhat odd by KDE (or the sw behind the list), I cannot see 
it can cause much harm even if someone get access to the e-mail content.

Best rrgards


Den 2023-03-02 kl. 13:09, skrev Dougie Nisbet:
> I think this is a mailman thing. I used to get them for my LUG too. I 
> believe when you sign up it warns you that your password may be 
> emailed in plain text and not to use or re-use a valuable password. 
> I'm looking at the options page just now and it doesn't really look 
> like a lot of damage could be done with it. The main issue I guess is 
> if the password is a valuable re-used one.
> Dougie

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